Live Bait Vending Machines

Live Bait Vending Machine

The Art of Selling Live Bait and Tackle

Our Company offers full-service live bait and tackle vending machines to commercial properties and businesses like convenience stores, gas stations, hardware stores, marinas, boat launches and recreational areas.

When you sign up for full-service live bait and tackle vending, everything is done for you at no cost. We will have the equipment delivered, keep the machine filled with fresh live baits and routinely service the machine when needed.

Sales and inventory are remotely monitored so that your machines can be refilled as often as necessary, whether it is daily or weekly.

To help ensure every sale counts our machines come equipped with MEI payment systems and Eport credit card readers. MEI’s payment system technology is considered the most reliable in the industry. Eport credit card readers alert our office to any performance issues with the machine.

To help ensure every customer is satisfied our machine has a guaranteed delivery system. If product is not dispensed customers can make another selection or press the coin return to receive a full refund. Contact information is posted on each machine. 

Our Full-Service Vending Program is provided at NO COST to you.

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Satisfy Your Customers Live Bait and Fishing Tackle Needs
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How Live Bait Vending Works

Site Survey

After we receive your request: usually conducts a quick visual survey of your business location to determine if it qualifies. That means we will make sure there are enough customers that will potentially use the machine. Since live baits have a shelf-life, the machine needs to sell through the products fast enough so they won’t expire. Other factors we are concerned with include visibility and accessibility. We need to make sure the vending machine will be easily seen and in a secure place.

Ordering your machine

After we determine your location will be a good fit for a vending machine, we will place the order. From this point, the installation takes about 10-15 business days. Once it’s put on the schedule for delivery, you will receive notice of when it will be installed.


The machine will be installed by the delivery department, then filled with product by the route drivers the same day or within 24-48 business hours.

The whole process takes an average of 2-3 weeks. It might seem like a long time just to get a vending machine, but as mentioned above there are reasons machines aren’t just placed anywhere. Vending companies need to feel confident that your vending machine will sell the necessary amount of product for everyone to benefit.

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