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Welcome To The Business Of Live Bait Vending 

Live Bait Vending Machines100% ADA compliant, larger re-designed lift delivery bin, heater kit, credit/debit card reader and back-lit numeric keypad. Outdoor Live Bait Vending Systems have high security features that prevent theft and vandalism.
Security lock cover, anti pry panels, rain guard and unbreakable 1/2 inch thick polycarbonate front make this vendor perfectly suited for an outdoor environment. Our live bait vending systems have long been one step ahead with original features like a hinged inner glass door that allows you access the back side of the polycarbonate front for easy cleaning. Lifetime dust and debris screen is easily accessible and eliminates the need to purchase replacement filters. Truly adjustable shelving includes the ability to change the height of each shelf to accommodate taller products.



Features Include:

Sensit Guaranteed Delivery System
Customer is Given Choice of Refund or Making Another Selection.

MEI  Bill Validator and Coin Mechanism
Eport Cashless Payment System     

Accepts credit, debit, apple pay...


Programmable L.E.D. Display
Powerful 1/2+ HP Refrigeration Unit
EnergySensit® For Programmable Energy Savings
UV Protected Eye Catching Graphics
LED Lighting
Can Be Stocked With Over 60 Selections
Height Adjustable Shelving
​Motor Coupling And Home Positioning
Programmable Prize Giveaway

High Security Package
Rain Guard
Heavy-Gauge Steel Anti Vandal Panels For Greater Protection
Glass Door Protected By 1/2 Layer Of Durable Shatter Proof Polycarbonate
High Security Lock Cover

Width: 39 inches
Height: 72 inches
​Depth: 36 inches


Pricing Information
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