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Live Bait Vending

Best In Sales, Service and Equipment
Isn't That What Counts? 

Built specifically for the sole purposes of selling live baits, packaged baits and tackle items. 

To help ensure your success our company focuses on nothing other than the products and support that will assist you in profiting from your machine.
Software, engineering and design are incorporated into our machines for one purpose, the ability to sell live bait and tackle items outdoors 24 hours a day.  
Our machine comes with all options included. 
The Gold-Star series bait & tackle vending machine has more features, is extremely reliable and creates sales 24 hours a day. 

In the bait vending business since 1991 you can count on us. Call our office to get all the facts concerning the machines and the bait vending business.  (815) 334-8323

Built so well our machine comes with a three year warranty not offered by any other manufacturer....View More





Proper bait containers and additives are essential to ensure consistent delivery and to keep your baits healthy. Each product we sell has been field tested. Our Zeolite is 96% pure which means your minnows are guaranteed to live for at least 10 days. All of our containers have been drop tested and will not pop open, break or leak when dispensed. Our products are purchased directly from the manufacturer and our low prices reflect our buying power...View More


Credit/Debit Card Readers from USA Technologies are a must for maximizing sales. Simplify's routine task by tracking inventory and maintaining an accounting of sales. Each day USA Technologies sends you an email containing all the information you need to monitor the performance of your machine. When you consider that card sales account for an additional 30% in sales and increases the dollar per sale average you will understand why this piece of equipment is included with every machine we sell...View More

Pictured here is the heater kit. It is one of several options built into our live bait vending machine. The heater will maintain the perfect temperature for operators who use their machines during cold winter months and is a must for ice fishing season in the northern tier states. The heater automatically engages when necessary....View More


  Lease options are available.
    Quick easy application process.
       Same day approval.
          Let your machine pay for itself

You can choose from a variety of programs. 
Apply on line or request mail in forms. ...View More


Before you make a decision to purchase call our office and we will be more than happy to explain how our bait machines can produce a substantial income.
(815) 334-8323

We provide any assistance you may need including locating a supplier. Our free tech service has been rated number one in our industry. No one pays more attention to detail or customer inquiries better than we do. We also have many services that we offer at no cost to help ensure your machine produces a substantial profit. Customized fliers/media, website and smart phone app location, product pricing strategies and placement are just a small example of TradingPostVending.com services.

We are determined to ensure every customer is completely satisfied.  


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