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Live Bait Vending Systems

To help ensure your success our company focuses on nothing other than the products and support that will assist you in profiting from your live bait and tackle vending machine.
Software, engineering and design are incorporated into our machines for one purpose, the ability to sell live bait and tackle items outdoors 24 hours a day.  
 Gold-Star series bait & tackle vending machine has more features, is extremely reliable and creates sales 24 hours a day.

In the bait vending business since 1991 you can rely on us to provide the best equipment, service and products possible. Call our office to get the facts about live bait vending machines and the bait vending business.  (815) 334-8323  View More 

Choosing the proper live bait cup/container plays an important part in keeping your baits alive and healthy. Using the right cup can also significantly decrease losses and increase profits. We have assembled a  variety of bait cups and lids that have been chosen by us for use in our retail and vending machine applications.  View More 


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