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Live Bait/Insect Containers

Products That Keep Live Baits and Insects Alive SHOP

Live Bait Vending

The Art of Selling Live Bait and Tackle Learn More

Keeping Minnows Alive

Minnow Care and Health SHOP

Live Bait Vending Machine Services

When you sign up for full-service live bait and tackle vending, everything is done for you at no cost.
We will have the equipment delivered, keep the machine filled with fresh live baits and routinely service the machine.

Stuff That Keeps Live Bait/Insects Healthy

"If anyone knows how to keep live baits and insects alive and healthy it's the guy who is selling it out of a vending machine".

Tradingpostvending.com sells live bait/insect cups and containers to a wide variety of customers for use in live bait vending machines, live bait shops, pet stores and aquariums.
The products we sell are products our customers trust and depend on to keep live baits and feeder fish healthy longer. Consider us first when shopping for quality bait shop supplies, live bait vending machine containers or pet store supplies.

Live Bait Cups and Containers

Live Bait Cups/ Insect Cups

Choosing the proper live bait or insect cup plays an important part in keeping your fishing bait and insects alive and healthy. Using the right cup significantly decreases losses and increase profits. We have assembled a  variety of live bait/insect cups and lids that have been chosen by our customers for use in retail and live bait vending machine applications. 


Minnow Care and Health

Better Bait Products are used for the purpose of maintaining fish health and vitality. Adds electrolites, conditions water, removes chlorine and heavy metals. We carry products for use on a wide variety of bait minnows both soft-scaled baitfish (fatheads) and hard-scaled bait fish (shiners) and Koi.


Zeolite Ammonia Removal

Our Zeolite eliminates the deadly effects caused by ammonia build up.
Used extensivley in bait tank filtration systems, and koi ponds to eliminate high ammonia levels.  Zeolite ammonia remover greatly extends the life of any fish. Watch our video demonstration on how to properly package minnows in containers for live bait vending machines.


Live Bait Vending Services

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The Art Of Live Bait Vending

Tradingpostvending.com provides fully serviced live bait and tackle vending machines  to commercial businesses and recreational areas.  Convenience stores,  gas stations,  campgrounds,  boat launches,  marinas and public parks are a small example of locations that use our service to bring in new customers or to satisfy the needs of current customers.

Specifically built to be placed outdoors where they draw attention and allow your customers to purchase what they need anytime 24 hours a day.

Find out how our live bait vending service works.  Call Us Today!

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Satisfy your customers needs by placing live bait machine at your location now.

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