Live Bait Cups with Side Vented Lids,  White Plastic Bait Cup, White Lid,  8 ounce

White Plastic Live Bait/Insect Cups and White Lids

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Purchase 2000 cups with lids and Save $5.00 per 500

Our inventory includes this recycled white plastic live bait/insect cupThis is a standard cup used for packing live bait or live insects and comes with a white side vented lid that doesn't pop off.  Perfect for night crawlers, leaf worms, trout worms, nitro worms, red worms, mealworms, crickets and dilly worms;.

This is a preferred live bait/insect cup for use in retail live bait or pet supply applications and in all live bait vending machines.

Consider us first for quality bait shop supplies or pet store supplies.

500 cups and lids per case
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