Minnow-Leech Cups and Lids

Minnow Cups and Lids

By far the best live bait cup you can use for minnows, leeches... "Mr. Know it All

Wider surface area means better everything.  Shorter height, means they don't tip over.  You can stack more on a shelf,  get more in a cooler plus they fit and dispense perfectly from live bait vending machines.
We drop tested this cup from a height of three feet a bunch of times and it never popped open. The clear lid is awesome.  Two small holes in the center provide ventilation without leaking and you don't have to open it to see if  your bait is still fresh.  That's all I have to say about that.

*Zeolite "Minnow Muscle"  is the greatest thing for minnows since water was invented. It is absolutely neccessary to use this stuff when trying to keep minnows alive and healthy.  This product is essential and provides optimal water conditions by removing harmful amonnia.

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  • Minnow-Leech Cups and Lids
  • Minnow-Leech Cups and Lids