Zeolite Ammonia Removal 1-gal. 3.5- gal. and 5- gal
Zeolite Ammonia Removal 5-gal.
Zeolite Ammonia Removal 3.5-gal.
Zeolite Ammonia Removal 1-gal.
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Zeolite Ammonia Chips - Minnow Muscle

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Zeolite  (Minnow Muscle)

Zeolite is a natural product that removes harmful ammonia. If you are not currently using this product I can guarantee you will be amazed at how well it works. If you want to decrease losses and increase profits use this stuff in filtration systems, bait tanks and live wells to keep your live baits alive and healthy for much longer periods of time.

Our customer's main uses for zeolite are in the packing of minnows and leeches into individual containers for sale in live bait vending machines. We simply could not sell minnows or leeches in our vending machines without using zeolite.

If you  want to test it for yourself give us a call or send us an email and we will send you a sample. When your sample arrives watch the video, follow the instructions and prepare to be amazed.

Removes Harmful Ammonia.

Place 1 tablespoon in each minnow cup and leave 1" air space between the water surface and the lid. Store at 45°- 48° do not block air hole on lid.

There is no need to add oxygen.

Minnows will last for at least 14 days.
We supply the purist zeolite ammonia chips available.