Frequently Asked Questions

 is a full service provider and major supplier of 24 Hour Live Bait and Campground Vending Machines.  Our ability to provide top quality equipment and after sale support is the key to our success as well as our customers. As part of our commitment to you we feel obligated to provide the answer to any questions you may have concerning the purchase and operation of our product. In order to keep current with changing market trends and equipment upgrades, maintains the operation of a mid-sized Live Bait Vending Route. This allows us to monitor the day to day operation of our machines and the ability to pass along helpful tips concerning which products to purchase for placement in our machines.            

The following information is designed to guide you through the process of purchasing our 24 Hour Live Bait and Campground Vending Machines. Included is a list of the most commonly asked questions.



Our customers come to us

Trading Post does not use aggressive tactics to sell our products. All of our potential customers find us in one of three ways:

1. Internet Search
2. Referrals from Existing Customers
3. Product Recognition

Contacting us is the first step. You may contact us directly by calling (815) 334-8323 or complete the “please contact” information on our website. When using our website you may request that a sales representative place a return call or you may have specific information sent to your email address. You will not be placed on a mailing list or receive annoying junk emails from us.

Questions and Answers

Our sales representatives are instructed not to pressure or force a sale. Your initial conversation with us is designed to provide the answers to any questions you may have concerning our products.


A trained representative can help determine if the purchase of our equipment is right for you. There are many factors that determine if the purchase of our equipment will be a profitable venture. Our customers depend on us to help them achieve a solution to increasing their income. By offering a complete analysis of each potential customer’s goals and particular circumstances we can predict whether or not you will be satisfied with your purchase. “Our reputation is the key to our success”. We will not recommend or sell our products to anyone who is not in a position to profit from their investment.

Most of our sales fall under the following categories.

Outdoor Stores

 Owners of businesses that cater to outdoor enthusiasts (bait and tackle shops, hunting and archery stores, camping and outdoor gear locations) can benefit greatly from the placement of our machine outside of their business. The ability to offer the products they sell on a 24 hour basis increases customer satisfaction and loyalty while at the same time reducing the number of hours they need to remain open.

Convenience Stores

One stop shopping is the main advantage to placing our machines at this type of location. If a customer is able to purchase all the items they need to enjoy a day at the lake they will surely become a regular visitor to your location. Our sales representatives can assist you in determining what items you should have on hand to compliment our machine and increase your customer base.

Vending Route Operators

This is the core of our business. If you are seeking independence and the ability to determine your own hours and level of income our machines can be the answer. With our assistance you can establish a viable source of income within a short period of time.

Campgrounds, Lodges and Recreation Areas

More often than not these locations can be some distance from shopping locations. Once your guests have arrived and settled the last thing they want is to get back in their vehicle. Enhancing your visitors stay by supplying all their needs is a sure way to keep them happy. Vending machines are a fixture at almost all campgrounds and are recognized as the most affordable way to provide products to guests conveniently and inexpensively.

Frequently Asked Questions:

Q. After I have made the decision to purchase how long until I receive my machine?

Arrival date depends on shipping location. 95% of purchases are delivered within two weeks.

Q. How much does the machine weigh and what are the dimensions?

A. The machine weight is 740lbs. Dimension> 72” high 39” wide and 36” deep. When delivered, the driver will place the machine in the requested location. Make sure you have electrical power within 3 feet of the machines intended location. Do not use an extension cord.

Q. Will my machine be “ready to go” when it arrives?  

A. All machines are custom built to order. A trained representative will discuss with you the type of products you want to offer to your customer’s. The shelf configuration of your machine will be determined by these products. Extra spirals used to “push out” the products will be included with your purchase in case you need to make changes. A brief phone call to our office will provide start up instructions. In addition a Quick Start Guide will be sent to you before your machine arrives so you may become familiar with the operation of the machine. 

Q. Where do I get my products to sell?

A. only works with reputable suppliers and has developed a large list of wholesalers throughout the United States. We can assist you in locating the correct suppliers in your area.

Q. How many products can be placed in the machine?

A. The number of products you can place in the machine is determined by package size. Each shelf can be arranged to accept 5 to 10 rows of product. Each row will accept 5 to 28 items depending on the thickness of the package. Six shelves are included with your purchase. An optional beverage tray is available.

Q. Can I make changes to the configuration of the shelves?

A. Changes can be made quickly and easily without the use of tools. Our machine is designed to be user friendly.

Q. Can I operate my machine all year?

A. An optional heater kit is available for customers who operate their machines in cold winter climates. The heater kit will keep products from freezing during outside temperatures as cold as –20º F. There is no need to initiate the use of the heater. Temperature set point is maintained automatically.

Q. How long does it take to recover my investment?

A. It all depends on location. Some machines pay for themselves within the first year. Others make take two seasons.

Q. Should I be concerned about vandalism?

A. Our machines come equipped with anti vandal panels on each side of the machine, locking cover over the T-handle lock and unbreakable clear polycarbonate protecting the glass front. It is important to choose a well lit area when placing the machine. We recommend that you do not place the machine in secluded areas like gated boat ramps. Choosing a location that is visible from the road and has occasional traffic going by should keep your machine safe from theft and vandalism. Our sales representatives can give you additional tips on how to keep your machine safe.

Q. What other services do you offer?

 A. Trading Post offers a wide array of services:

  • Advice for best selling items
  • Tips on proper bait care
  • 24 Hour Tech Support
  • Cups and containers for packing live baits
  • Pricing strategies
  • Nation-wide advertising
  • Web site machine location guide realizes that our success is tied directly to customer satisfaction.
Providing the assistance you need to be successful is part of our commitment to you for as long as you own your machine.


Steve Raney/CEO
Trading Post