News has placed a how to pack minnows for vending video on our Facebook page and on YouTube. 
The "How To Video" drew a lot of attention when first shown October 1st at the Robinson Wholesale Dealer Show. 
Each year our sales of Amazing Minnow Life grow as customer see the benefit of removing toxic ammonia from the containers they pack for vending and from the tanks they use to store minnows. 
See the video on our Facebook page.    

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Discount Shipping

Jun 11 2018

Discounted Shipping
                Save on shipping
                $10.00 off on all orders over $100.00


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Zachary Aubert/ Wind Rose North Outfitters

(Facebook Post)  March 30, 2018

  Wind Rose North Outfitters is EXCITED to work with Steve at Trading Post Vending. Steve came up Wednesday night this week, and was prepared to do the machine install Thursday. We set 3 machines up. The engineering is of the machines is great (truly is), but the real deal clincher is the 20 years of expertise Steve brought to the table. If it wasn't for him we would still be setting machines a week from now.
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(815) 334-8323
Hello to all our customers,
Just wanted to touch base. There are a couple of things that need to be inspected on your live bait and tackle vending system(s) to ensure smooth operation for the summer season. 
If there is anything you need or questions begging for answers contact me anytime. Have a wonderful season everyone.
  • Check chilling unit and intake/exhaust screens for debris and clean. (screen is located in compressor housing, easy access thru hinged awning door, chiller unit and rear exhaust screen should be cleaned with compressed air). Reset temperature to summer requirements.  (a good all around temp would be 45 degrees)
  • Clean and apply spray wax/UV protectant to all exterior surfaces of machine. (helps to prevent UV damage)
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Live bait vending machine to make fishing easier for Redfield anglers

Redfield anglers will soon have access to live bait vending machine

Another satisfied customer !    more...

(815) 334-8323

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The Best in Live Bait and Tackle Vending Systems  2018

  The most affordable way to increase sales is to have our           machine working for you 24/7. An LBT500 Live Bait and Tackle   Vending System is an excellant profit making tool. Place one in   front of your stores location or build a route of machines to fully   take advantage of every customer possible. Simple to operate,   simple to maintain. Our machines were built specifically for   anyone to use.
 Designed to beplaced outdoors where customers have quick and easy access, stock all your best selling items including minnows.
Each machine comes equipped with 42 selections (machine can hold up to 70 selections). Changes can be made to shelf height and selections in minutes without the use of tools. We are so confident in our machines that we are the only distributor to offer a three year warranty

Call  (815) 334-8323 or email






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Bait Container Sale!!!!

Enter discount code "ZEOLITE" at check out and receive a 5% discount on all

Bait Cups and Additives

(815) 334-8323


Sale ends March 1st 2018
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